Dianne Gillette Real Estate Services


Relationships are more important to me than transactions so my main goal is to work by referral wherever possible.  When my business comes by way of referral from people who know and trust me, I can spend less time prospecting and promoting myself and more time on the activities that benefit my clients and the services I provide to them.

Here are some examples of what clients have to say about me:


"We had the good fortune to live in the same neighbourhood when we decided to use Dianne Gillette of Keller Williams as our listing agent.  (Living in our neighbourhood, she could really "sell the property", so we naturally reasoned when we contracted her services.)  What we learned, however, during the listing period, is that Dianne is knowledgeable about most areas throughout Eastern Ontario and beyond.  Her experience with foreign embassies, together with her numerous professional contacts, friends and relations, as well as her knowledge about house construction, made her an ideal realtor when coupled with her friendly personality.  In our particular case, Dianne's abilities would also be challenged with marketing a unique house, located in a rural setting of Ottawa, with a declining market for houses over $500,000.  Dianne's positive attitude, though, and her willingness to employ strategies designed to attract the "right buyer" ensured the sale of our house despite these challenges.  


We also used Dianne's services to help us find a "downsized" house.  Here, again, Dianne showed us another one of her strengths as a realtor - that of a caring person but one whose first objective is to provide good service to her clients.  She was patient and tactful as we worked through many houses and neighbourhoods, both online and in person.  As well, Dianne provided us with detailed histories about the houses, liaised with other agents on their physical condition, location and price.  Indeed, happily, we ended up the "right buyers" ourselves, finding a house that more than meets our needs, thanks to Dianne's help. 


In conclusion, we strongly recommend Dianne Gillette of Keller Williams to you.  Why?  Because we know firsthand that Dianne will provide you with exceptional service."


Ralph & Wende Collins



"Dianne helped me and my wife find our dream house in Ottawa, through patience, perserverance and an excellent knowledge of the market.  For us as diplomats, we particularly appreciated Dianne's long experience in helping diplomats and with the special demands we have when renting.  Working with Dianne was a true pleasure, both on a personal and a professional level.  I warmly recommend her for anyone looking to buy or rent in the Ottawa area."

David Lunderquist  







"Ms. Gillette helped us prepare our home for sale through her excellent advice on updating without giving away the bank.  Once a listing price was agreed upon and the house was put on the market, she continued her top notch service by conducting effective advertising online as well as in the papers, hosting friendly open houses and private viewings, and always keeping us in the loop......in two short months our house was sold.  In addition, Ms. Gillette helped us find a new home to meet our downsizing needs.  She worked hard to understand what we were looking for....researched every available opportunity and patiently led us through a number of homes.  She was the consumate professional in both transactions.  Finally, Ms. Gillette demonstrated these skills all over again when we enlisted her services to sell our mother's home.  Ms Gillette exhibited tremendous compassion and support in this transaction, for which we are most grateful."

David and Caroline